Reinvent the Wheel: We Invent the Real

We Invent the Real is a mid-length studio performance piece that uses the bicycle as a frame to consider human striving towards courage, connection, growth and contribution.

Through film, sound, dance, movement and spoken word, We Invent the Real features strong female characters: everyday women practicing freedom. Its loose and non-literal narrative allows audience connections to arrive like poetry as the rich sensory piece unfolds.

Departing from a place of dis-ease and consumer
dis-satisfaction, We Invent the Real follows
characters as they spin on their paths towards
fulfillment and alignment.
We Invent the Real illuminates the reality of city
streets: think the sound of traffic on Hastings Street
on a rainy rush hour morning.

By donating you can help the B:C:Clettes finish creating this mid-length studio performance Reinvent the Wheel: We Invent the Real




Based in Vancouver, the B:C:Clettes Collective is committed to creating bicycle-inspired culture. Over the last six years, they’ve toured internationally and locally, and were even featured under the lights of a LA police helicopter during one notorious street performance.

Currently a core of six women, the B:C:Clettes will collaborate with a broad range of talented Vancouver artists and technicians to stage We Invent the Real. This production furthers the B:C:Clettes’ transition from high-energy outdoor performances at festivals and community events to innovative community engagement (altering the traditional performer/spectator relationship) and interdisciplinary work for studio/theater settings.

Are there any benefits for me if I donate?

YES! In addition to the warm glow in your heart that comes when you support local artists, you also get a free ticket to the show, scheduled for March 2013.
If you are interested you can sign up for email updates on the creative process while We Invent the Real is in production.

Can I get a tax receipt if I give?

Unfortunately not!  The B:C:Clettes are not a registered charity.