The same way riding in a car is no match for riding a bike, still photos really have nothing on seeing the ‘Clettes live, in action. Nonetheless, there is quite a collection of photos floating around out there, and so for your viewing enjoyment, we give to you The B:C:Clettes Flickr Pool!


We’re compiling a playlist of some of our video on YouTube – check it out!

June 2011

The B:C:Clettes put out a general call for bike-lovin’ dancer-types to learn a dance number for Velopalooza. We had a great response… and shortly thereafter, “Bike Love” was born. This video was shot just before our Red Black and Shiny Velopalooza ride, featuring Alana, Bronwen, Ceone, Emilia, Dawn, Donna Rae, Lori, Mina, and Vanessa.  We also performed the number for Car Free Day a few weeks later. 🙂  Let’s watch!