If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss performance opportunities, or if you’d just like to say hello, please do so with the handy form below.  If conventional email is more up your alley, please reach us at bcclettes[at]gmail[dot]com.

Our shows…

  • Can be adapted to different audiences, ages, causes and stages
  • Run for 20-30 minute
  • Are comprised of a repetoire that is continuously growing


  • A 30’ x 30’ performance area, with a smooth, hard surface
  • Minimum stage size requirement: approx. 20’ x 20’ space
  • Grass lawn is fine, if necessary
  • Suitable amplification system with iPod plug-in
  • If necessary, the B:C:Clettes Sound System can be used

Please check out our Promo Kit (1.1 MB PDF) for more information.