Alana!When did you first start cycling as an adult?

“I started cycling when I moved into a great shared house in a neighbourhood that wasn’t well served by public transit. So, I found a new and far better way of getting around town.  My transformation has shocked my (red and black striped) socks off and profoundly enhanced my life.  These days, I cycle to work daily and spread the gospel via the DIY bike dance phenomenon that is the B:C:Clettes!”

What have the B:C:Clettes added to your life?

“All the finest things this universe has to offer! First and foremost, a circle of friends and creative collaborators, with whom I’ve entrusted the goofiest, most spontaneous, most open, most sincere version of myself.  It feels great!  It also feels great to give ‘er 1000% at performances — to dance bigger, grin wider, and wear shinier duds than ever before.  Performing energizes me like nothing else, and the B:C:Clettes offer me a rare opportunity to sparkle — without expectation of perfection, but with much awareness of an amazing shared mission.”


Bronwen!When did you first start cycling as an adult?

“I started cycling regularly about 3 years ago, when I moved in with a house with some very bike enthused friends. I haven’t looked back since! Biking is so fun, and brings presence to my daily life, as well as being probably the most healthy transportation mode. It is often faster then the bus, and almost free, plus no waiting around at night or on weekends for a slow or absent bus. What a joyful feeling of freedom! It allows me to see the world in a really different way.”

What have the B:C:Clettes added to your life?

“Being part of such a fun, creative and kind group of women dedicated to something I am passionate about is really inspiring. We are always building, planning and re-visioning the direction of our performance based work and bike advocacy in general. I love the idea of promoting cycling and sharing with people the profound impact it’s had on my life.  I am also very thankful to regularly get to work and play and envision a grand future with these lovely ladies!”


Donna!When did you first start cycling as an adult?

“I’ll tell you later!”


What have the B:C:Clettes added to your life?

“I’ll tell you later!”


Donna Rae

Donna Rae!When did you first start cycling as an adult?

“After a zillion years of not biking, I took it up again in the spring of 2010, and by the time fall came around, biking had become my primary means of transport.  One (kind of obvious) reason that biking works for me is that it enables me to cover a lot of distance in a short time, while allowing me to quickly change my route for fun or for function… but I think that what I like most about biking is that it creates connection, to my surroundings, my choices, and my body.  Biking feels good!”

What brings you to The B:C:Clettes?

“I love movement, and I love to perform!  I was encouraged to join The B:C:Clettes in 2011 when they put out a call for dancers for a one-off performance.  The project was fun, the group was inclusive, and everyone was so… well, INTO what we were doing, both the performers and the audience.  I am really happy to have stayed on with the ‘Clettes beyond that project.  Our connection is an incredible motivator, bikingly and creatively, and I am really thrilled to have found such inspiring collaborators who are game to try new things.  Working together to make stuff happen is a beautiful thing.  It’s community.”


Do you have a favourite cycling experience?

Lori!“I’d have to say the bike tour I did across the Canadian Arctic Circle was the best cycling experience I’ve ever had. A group of friends from four continents (Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe) biked together on the Dempster Highway from Dawson City to Inuvik. The sky never grew dark, the sunsets lasted forever, the company was superb and the experience just couldn’t be beat.”

What other rad projects/ work do you do in this world?

“I’m an architect, focusing my work on sustainable design in public buildings. I’m also the LEED Coordinator for several projects (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). I’m the Executive Secretary for the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, and also serve on the Board of Directors for the East End Food Co-op on Commercial Drive, Vancouver’s only member-owned grocery store.”


Why do you like being a part of a collective?

RedSara!“For me the B:C:Clettes is about performing, and about inspiring others! But more than that for me the Clettes are about positive interpersonal relationships and friendships in a women-only space that we have deliberately created. As a collective we have built amazing ways of working together which seek to value the input of all members. Further, we use our unique individual strengths towards the awesomeness of the whole. I am also amazed by the personal support the group offers. I feel tremendously fortunate to work with and be a part of a collective with other such inspiring, revolutionary women! We are all out there inspiring others to change the world. To change themselves. To believe in a better world! As individuals we are leaders; as a collective we turn up the volume. It makes me really proud!”

What other rad projects / work do you do in this world?

“I am an artist first and foremost. To describe my current profession I would say I work in Art and Community Practice. I also like organizing bike decorating events which promote biking to kids.”

‘Clettes come and ‘Clettes go, but the heart remains…

And a big shout-out to ‘Clettes from days gone by, who no doubt continue to R.I.D.E.!
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