We celebrate bikes and those who like to ride them.

Perpetually in motion, we take back the streets for revolutionary use as bicycle ways and dance floors. Revolutionary, YES, like our wheels. Revolutionary like YOU. Like everyone who steps up, reaches out, rides on, and believes in change. We are all part of something bigger, we are all pedaling towards a better world.

Pedal, pump, coast and fly: we ride in all weather. Swing, shimmy, strut and jive: we dance in all weather. We weather all storms as a collective, together.

We are artists, mechanics, scientists, planners, teachers, designers and learners; leaders, neighbours, family, friends, lovers and sistas. This is a lifestyle of agility, sustainability, of respecting all ability. This is movement of learning, building, and growing stronger every day.

We’re beauty, we’re pride; we dance hard, roll fast and tread lightly,loving life. We are a spectacle, a show, a delight. We are that giddy feeling you get riding pedal-powered for the first time: Exhilarated with new found fun and freedom, you can’t wait to share it with the world. We want to ride, and dance, and share our momentum with YOU!


Because The B:C:Clettes are in a time of transformation, we are open to new ways of spreading bike love.  We welcome your participation in our reinvention and development.